New email with attachment using Sparrow or Sparrow lite

Just wanted to share a little automator action I made for creating a new email with an attachment in finder using sparrow.

Just create a new service, specify that the “Service receives selected: Files or Folders” in “Any Application”.

Then, add a “Run Applescript module”. Copy and paste the code below:

on run {input, parameters}
tell application "Sparrow Lite"
set theMessage to make new outgoing message
tell theMessage
repeat with ii in input
make new mail attachment with properties {filename:ii as alias}
end repeat
end tell
end tell
end run

It works with multiple attachments.


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Hope & Doubt


All treatments in medicine have potential benefits, but also potential risks. Prescribing treatment requires some degree of hope that the patient will be part of the group of people in which treatment benefits outweigh the damages. Patients receiving prescriptions will find no benefit unless they have at least enough hope to follow through on the doctor’s recommendation. Ultimately, the hope may be realized, and the patient’s ailment relieved. However, sometimes hope is in vain: the side effects are intolerable, the therapeutic effect is insufficient, or the surgical procedure is disastrous. The unpredictable nature of medicine means that, regardless of best intentions, hopes will not always be achieved. Instilling “hope”, therefore, requires communication of some level of doubt, to ease understanding when treatments do not go well.


Yet, I have seen doubt damage patients. They stop a blood pressure medication after 2 days because “It’s not working”. They tell me they didn’t pick up a medication because they “didn’t think it would work”. As humans, we like quick fixes, which make treatments like antibiotics so popular. We are fatigued by insidious diseases like diabetes and obesity, which require constant vigilance and daily sacrifice. Doubt overwhelms many patients, and they stop trying. In their most difficult times, they need increased hope, that each effort increases the likelihood of more tomorrows. It is our job as medical practitioners to explain risks, but also to instill hope sufficient for our patients to get the most out of the rest of their life.

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Incision Methods

(This blog will contain interesting findings which I encounter during my training, with an emphasis on interesting research projects that come up.)

Today, we did an abdominal hysterectomy; the uterus was the size of a watermelon. It was the same size as a 26 week pregnant uterus. The lady was complaining of frequent urination, and leg pain; her pain was gone within hours of the surgery.

An interesting paper on pfannestial vs. vertical incision shows that the post-op pain is not significantly different between the two surgical incision methods.

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